Prevent Churn at both ends of the Customer Acquisition Funnel

Do you spend money to acquire customers that don’t end up creating long-term value for your product? Once they’ve signed up, do you have strategies for keeping them from churning? As the old adage goes, half of your customer acquisition spend is wasted, you just don’t know which half. Kimball’s unique software platform and API service predict which customer acquisition campaigns are likely to result in the best customers and optimizes spend, and also recommends, tracks, and optimizes strategies to retain them once they’ve converted.

The Platform

Kimball’s predictive platform watches your customer acquisition campaigns, customer interactions, your product’s interventions, and your behavioral engagement marketing, and learns what works, what doesn’t, and what changes to campaigns or product nudges should optimally take place.

At the top of the funnel, our customer acquisition campaign integration predicts what attributes will convert best prior to spending any money, preventing low-value leads from entering your funnel to begin with. Should you target CTOs of mid-sized SaaS companies or Directors at Enterprises?

Then through our API, your software can ask questions like “Should I email this person? With what message?”, “Should I recommend this customer a coupon?”, “Which pricing tier should I recommend they select?”, or even simply “What should I do to prevent them from churning?”

Continuously Improve your User’s Experience, 1,000s of Insights at a Time

This data and behavioral insights don’t just improve the product, they automatically improve your customer’s value from your product – resulting in lower churn, happier customers, and more revenue for you.

Do you the best time to nudge your customers to complete a sale, prevent them from churning, or upsell to a new pricing tier? When in the funnel should your sales folks reach out? With what message? Are your nudges effective at preventing churn? Are you getting the right people into the top of your funnel? Can you predict customer acquisition performance before running the campaign?

Effective nudges have shown to decrease cart abandonment by 54%, increase revenue by 12x, and increase SaaS company value by reducing churn. Customer acquisition costs are soaring and you can’t afford to bounce people who aren’t good customers off of your site. Are you ready to start with Kimball today?